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Stock analysis

Currency Charts for Traders to Watch

Currency trading has traditionally been the realm of professional traders. Even today, buying and selling currencies requires a forex account, which often carries stricter capital requirements than opening a traditional equities account. With the rise in popularity of niche exchange-traded products, any investor can quickly and easily add exposure to global currencies. In this article, […]

3 Gold Miners With Low-Risk Buy Patterns

Gold and gold miners are gaining ground in reaction to the North Korean crisis as well as the continued failure of world economies to generate significant inflation, despite U.S. interest rate hikes. These tailwinds are likely to continue into 2018, underpinning recovery rallies that could eventually reach two- or three-year highs. Fortunately, the upside is […]

Stocks Edge Higher Despite Rising Risks

The major U.S. indexes moved higher over the past week, despite weak nonfarm payroll data on Friday morning. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 156,000 jobs added in August, which was lower than the 180,000 consensus forecast. While these figures were lower than expected, Wednesday’s favorable second quarter GDP revision was enough of a positive […]

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