Hövding Sverige AB : CORRECTED BULLETIN FROM the EXTRA general meeting of shareholders IN HÖVDING SVERIGE AB

Press Release Malmö, 09. 08. 2018


The communiqué that went out on August 9, 2018 contained ofullständing information concerning the decision on the rights issue approved. This has been corrected in the updated bulletin.

Communiqué from the extra general meeting of shareholders in Hövding Sverige AB (publ)

Today, Wednesday, 9 July 2018, was held extraordinary general meeting in Hövding Sverige AB (publ). At the meeting was 1 931 948 shares were represented, which corresponds to the 13,01% of the total number of shares. Below is a summary of the board’s decision on rights issue. The decision was taken unanimously in accordance with the notice proposal.

The annual general meeting decided on a rights issue of not more than 7 427 035 shares, resulting in an increase of the share capital by a maximum of 7 427 035 sek. Of the decision shall, in general, the following conditions apply:


The right to subscribe for the new shares shall with preferential rights apply to the shareholders in proportion to the number of shares previously held, whereby shareholders have the right to two (2) existing shares subscribe for one (1) new share. Even those who are not shareholders are entitled to subscribe for in the rights issue. For the subscribed shares shall distribution be made according to the following:

(a) in the first instance to those who had subscribed for shares with support of subscription rights, irrespective of whether they were shareholders on the record date, and, at the level of oversubscription, in proportion to the number of warrants exercised and, to the extent that this is not possible, by drawing of lots;

(b) in the other hand to those who have subscribed for shares without support of subscription rights and not covered by (a) above, irrespective of whether they were shareholders on the record date, in proportion to the number of shares subscribed in this category and, where this is not possible, by drawing of lots; and

(c) third, to those who provided underwriting guarantee in respect of the subscription and payment of shares that are not assigned to other artists, pro rata in proportion to the guaranteed amount.


For each underwritten share shall be paid ten (10) dollars.


The record date, d.v.p. the date on which shareholders must be registered in the share register in order to have preferential rights in the rights issue, the August 16, 2018.


The subscription of the new shares shall take place from 17 August 2018 and 31 August 2018.


Payment for shares shall be made no later than september 12, 2018.


The board of directors has the right to extend the subscription period for the payment.


The new shares carry the right to dividends for the first time on the record day for dividend that falls closest after the new shares have been registered.


The board of directors or the board of directors appoints is authorised to make the minor adjustments required for its registration at the companies registration office.


The general meeting resolved on the amendment of the existing bolagsordnings § 4 and 5 of the Share capital and number of shares in accordance with the proposal from the board of directors. The share capital shall be a minimum of 14 000 000 sek and not more than 56 000 000 sek. The number of shares shall be not less than 14 000 000 and a maximum of 56 000 000.


All decisions were unanimous.

For more information, please contact;

Fredrik Carling, managing director Hövding Sverige AB (publ)


Hövding Sverige ab’s shares are traded on Nasdaq First North.

The Certified Adviser is Västra Hamnen Corporate Finance

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Source: Hövding Sverige AB via Globenewswire

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