Fiskars renew the group’s management team and simplifies the management structure of the

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11.1.2018 there is a 8.00 EET

Fiskars renew the group’s management team and simplifies the management structure of the

Fiskars renews and extends the group’s management team. At the same time, the Fiskars to wind up the extended management team and the corporate head office in order to simplify the company’s governance structure.

Fiskars has today appointed Ulla Lettijeff (master of science) director, SBU Living and a member of the group management team. Further, it will Fiskars to designate a tillväxtdirektör to the group’s management team. Fiskars has also appointed the following new members to the group’s executive team: the director of supply chain Risto Gaggl (master of science), general counsel Päivi Timonen (jur. bachelor of arts degree., VH) and the director of corporate communications and corporate social responsibility Maija Taimi (econ.mag.). Fiskars also has appointed Sari Pohjonen as the deputy executive director.

Operating officer Teemu Kangas-Kärki, vice president, HR Nina Ariluoma and the director of the SBU Living Ulrik Garde Due, will leave the company to pursue new career opportunities. Nina Ariluoma continues in his role as HR director until the end of march 2018. Fiskars initiates the recruitment process for tillväxtdirektören and for a new HR director.

The changes shall enter into force immediately. After the changes fiskars had a management team of nine members:

  • Jaana Tuominen, chief executive officer

  • Sari Pohjonen, chief financial officer and deputy managing director

  • Risto Gaggl, director, supply chain

  • Ulla Lettijeff, director, SBU Living

  • Maija Taimi, director of corporate communications and corporate social responsibility

  • Päivi Timonen, chief legal counsel

  • Paul Tonnesen, director, SBU Functional

  • Nina Ariluoma HR director (until 31.3.2018, successor to be appointed later)

  • Tillväxtdirektör, to be appointed later.

“In the future, the Fiskars that instead of three different ledningsgruppsfunktioner have a management team for the group. This is expected to clarify the decision-making and speed up operations. At the same time, we are strengthening the role and purpose of the group’s management team and introduces important new features and complementary skills to the management team. We will also begin the search for a tillväxtdirektör, which will be responsible for the group’s strategy, key growth initiatives and for the development of the group’s brands,” said fiskars group’s executive director, Jaana Tuominen.

Ulla Lettijeff has more than 20 years experience of international business. She has previously worked for Nokia over the years 1994-2011, after which she started her own consultancy firm. Ulla started to work on the Fiskars year 2014 and works currently as the director for the supply chain of SBU Living. Risto Gaggl came to Fiskars in 2011 from Elcoteq, where he worked during the years 2001-2011 in various senior positions. Maija Taimi came to Fiskars, 2015, from the Nokia Corporation, where she worked in 2012-2015, most recently as director of corporate communications. Päivi Timonen came to the company for the year 2014 from Elektrobit Oyj, where she worked during the years 2002-2014 by the general counsel. Ulla Lettijeff, Risto Gaggl, Maija Taimi and Päivi Timonen will report to the managing director Jaana Tuominen.

“Teemu Kangas-Kärki has during his ten years with the Fiskars had a central role in the company, not the least of which temporary managing director during the previous year. Teemu has had a significant role in the company transformation and introduction of new approaches. I thank him warmly for his contribution to the company,” said Paul Ehrnrooth, fiskars group’s chairman of the board.

”I thank Nina Ariluoma and Ulrik Garde Due for their time in Fiskars and for their important effort in the development of the company’s operations,” said Jaana Tuominen.

Further information about the leadership team new members new members are on fiskars group’s website




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